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Posted on: September 5, 2008

1. confirmed volt will debut at GM’s centennial party

General Motors will unveil its new series hybrid in Detroit. this car will use less gas and it will cost less to fill it up at the pumps.

2. new co2 limits for 2015 instead?

Greenpeace is accusing the European Parliament’s Industry Commission of suggesting new limits for 2020.

3. phiaton ms-400 carbon fiber headphead phones

these constructed from carbon graphite fiber and they have unmatched hearing qualities. these head phones are just now made available for the united states.

4. sony ericssion xperia panel interface sdk released

While the smartphone is based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, the Panel Interface is Sony Ericsson’s attempt to make the GUI more user-friendly.

5. atom chips still in short suppy

the Atom processor is in high demand. However, Intel is having trouble keeping up the supply.

6. samsung bd-p2500 bluray player with hqv processing.

to me the most important device i have seen so far is the hybrid car its one step to fixing and getting closer to saving our earth. this idea will help us on using our fuels and it will also help save our environment.


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