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teen pregnacy

Posted on: September 16, 2008

our problem: teen pregnacy

the cause: young girls think that sex is the best way for you to express love.

the affects: they end up having children that they cant take care of and the mother herself ends up emotionally and mentally scared. the fathers have to get jobs in order to support the mother and child and they usually end up dropping out of school to have a full time job so in the end the father do not have a chance to have or to finish his education.

the people affected: the parents; mother, father. the parents of the children and the child its self

this problem has been around since the 60’s but was kept in secret and the young girl was sent away until the baby was born, in those times baby’s were being put up for adoption but recently teen pregnancy is a common thing in society

Creators of the problem: The young man and woman that engaged in the sexual activity

Solutions: Abortion, Birth control (contraceptive), condoms, and adoption

Birth control regulates the monthly period and keeps the mother from possibly having a child and a condom keeps the sperm from reaching the egg

Teen pregnancy causes unplanned children to be born that aren’t taken good care of, alot of these children are fatherless or motherless or both and born with a hard life. Teen pregnancy can be avoided in so many ways and I think that we have the solution.


By: Shanice Washington, Monique Wheatle and De’Marcus Williams

Our solution to teen pregnancy is a product that includes a condom and a birth control pill in one package. Each unit will cost approximately $4.50 and will include three condoms and three pills in each unit. Though abstinence is the best solution to end teen pregnancy we believe that using this product will aid in the prevention of unplanned children and the spread of STDs. Lifestyle Condom Company and Yazmin Birth Control will work together to produce this product. To get our product off the ground and into homes and communities that deal with teen pregnancy will we advertise in magazines, commercials, billboards and we will also go into middle and high schools to talk about teen pregnancy and to tell about our product. The best way to make sure that they are working is to watch the statistics of teen pregnancy to look for a decrease or increase and work from there. To the ones that give us money we will send them a monthly update on the product’s gross for that month. To verify that our money was well spent we will have to document the units being sold to the stores and how many units are being bought in that area and continue to expand from there. Overall the cost to start this product off would be about $50,000. This is just to get the product off the ground and into clinics, drug stores and into schools.


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