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Posted on: September 19, 2008

ASCII white.

8000 units together. Has a speed of 12 trillion

a silicon center…super comuper takes a lot of space up and needs a lot of support. And up keep. They need 367 ton chillers

Charles babbage

Gears and shafts that worked together..

The mill and the store.the analytical engine. 15ft machine he never built the machine no tools and lack of funding

Herman hollerith

Former mit instructor

Card puncher. The machine speed up the process of the census

Went on to commercialize his invention. Formed a company which became the cornerstone of a company.


A computer machine that was designed to break the code. The ultra secret the most guarded secret of the war.

It would try a number of combos

Mawchley and Eckert

A gint computer that could figure combos in a matter of minutes

The eniac

100 feet long 2yrs after intense work it was finished 5000 additions every second. It could be reconfigured to solve many different problems.

Memory wasn’t very good couldn’t make logical decisions based on its calculations

John von Neumann

Had a photographic memory.

Internal program in computers.

Storing programs internally.


Univac a mcine to solve problems

The first computer to be reproduced and sold commercially

Stored data.

Business was becoming dependent on computers

Kilby and noyce

The transitors were made with silicon and semiconductors

Made the last great leap in miniaturization

Ted hoff



1800 dollars for a machine.

Steve wozniak and steve jobs

Apple computer inventor.

1972 apple computer the apple 2 four kilobytes for memory with a floppy disk drive

Bill gates

Macintosh inventor and owner of the company


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